Atmanirbhar Bharat coal

Atmanirbhar Bharat: India’s Growing Coal Mining Capacity and Its Impact

Atmanirbhar Bharat: India’s Growing Coal Mining Capacity Introduction The Indian government’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative has taken a significant leap forward with a focus on enhancing the country’s coal mining capacity. This move aims to reduce dependency on imported coal, promote self-reliance, and boost the nation’s economy. The recent developments in coal mining are poised to…

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IORA cruise tourism conference

India-IORA Cruise Tourism Conference Boosts Regional Cooperation

India-IORA Cruise Tourism Conference Concludes in New Delhi Overview of the Conference The India-IORA Cruise Tourism Conference recently concluded in New Delhi, marking a significant step towards fostering cruise tourism in the Indian Ocean region. This two-day event brought together officials and experts from various IORA Member States, including Bangladesh, Kenya, Madagascar, Maldives, Mozambique, Sri…

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New Zealand agricultural collaboration

Jammu and Kashmir Enhance Agriculture with New Zealand Partnership: Advanced Technologies and Sustainability

Jammu & Kashmir Elevates Agricultural Partnership with New Zealand Strengthening Bilateral Agricultural Cooperation Jammu and Kashmir have taken a significant step in enhancing its agricultural sector by forging a strategic partnership with New Zealand. This collaboration aims to bring advanced agricultural techniques and practices from New Zealand to Jammu and Kashmir, ensuring a sustainable and…

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GAIL ethylene production project

Ethane Cracker Project: GAIL’s Game-Changing Initiative in Madhya Pradesh

GAIL to Set up India’s Largest Ethane Cracker Project with Rs 60,000 Crore Investment in MP In a significant development for India’s petrochemical sector, GAIL (India) Limited, the country’s premier natural gas company, has announced plans to establish the largest ethane cracker project in India. This ambitious endeavor entails a staggering investment of Rs 60,000…

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India Qatar energy partnership

India Qatar Investment Partnership: Key Insights from the Joint Task Force Meeting

India-Qatar Joint Task Force on Investment Convenes in New Delhi Strengthening Bilateral Ties The recent meeting of the India-Qatar Joint Task Force on Investment in New Delhi marks a significant step in strengthening the economic and investment relationship between the two countries. This event saw the participation of high-level delegations from both nations, aiming to…

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Indian economy growth FY 24

Indian Economy Growth FY 24: NSO Report for Government Exam Prep

Indian Economy Grew by 8.2% in FY 24: NSO The National Statistical Office (NSO) has released its latest report indicating that the Indian economy grew by 8.2% in the fiscal year 2023-24. This impressive growth rate has significant implications for various sectors and the overall economic landscape of India. Here is an in-depth analysis of…

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ADB funding for India

ADB’s $2.6 Billion Sovereign Lending Boosts India’s Infrastructure and Green Growth

Asian Development Bank’s $2.6 Billion Sovereign Lending to India in 2023 ADB’s Financial Commitment to India In 2023, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) pledged $2.6 billion in sovereign loans to India. These funds aim to support various sectors, including urban development, power, industry, horticulture, connectivity, and climate resilience. The goal is to bolster India’s infrastructure,…

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Indian Economy Growth FY24

Indian Economy Grew 7.4% in Q4 FY24, 8% in FY24: SBI Research Report

Indian Economy Grew 7.4% in Q4 FY24, 8% in FY24: SBI Research Report The Indian economy has displayed remarkable resilience in the face of challenges, growing at a robust pace despite global uncertainties. According to a recent SBI research report, the economy surged ahead, recording a growth rate of 7.4% in the fourth quarter of…

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India smartphone export growth

India’s Smartphone Exports Surge by 42% in FY24, Driven by PLI Scheme

Smartphones Become India’s Fourth Largest Export Item with 42% Growth Introduction India has achieved a significant milestone by making smartphones its fourth-largest export item, with an impressive 42% growth in the fiscal year 2023-24. This surge underscores the country’s evolving position in the global technology market. Significant Growth in Smartphone Exports In FY24, smartphone exports…

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SBI stake in CCIL IFSC

SBI Stake in CCIL IFSC: Strengthening Presence in GIFT City

SBI Bolsters Presence in GIFT City with Acquisition of Stake in CCIL IFSC SBI’s Strategic Move to Strengthen Its Position in GIFT City The State Bank of India (SBI) has made a significant strategic move by acquiring a stake in the Clearing Corporation of India Limited International Financial Services Centre (CCIL IFSC). This acquisition is…

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