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Coconut facts

Interesting coconut facts, coconut health benefits,  coconut nutritional value, dry coconut uses

This video explains interesting facts about coconuts like “coconut is not a not”,
“coconuts were used in World War II” along with these we also learn health benefits and nutritional value and uses of coconut and dried coconuts.

King of Antioxidant Foods

King of Antioxidant Foods, Blueberry weird facts, Blueberry Nutrition Facts, Health Benefits

Why 8th July is celebrated every year?
Blueberry is the national fruit of which country?
 Which species of berry is the National Fruit of Nepal?
Which country is the top global exporter of Blueberries?
Which plant compound gives a blue color to blueberries?
How to prepare natural dye from blueberries?
10 amazing facts of blueberries.