"India crude oil imports"

India’s October Crude Oil Imports Rise: Impact on Economy & Global Trends

India’s October Crude Oil Imports Rise After Four Months of Declines India’s crude oil imports witnessed a notable upsurge in the month of October, marking a significant shift after enduring a continuous decline over the past four months. According to recent data released by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, the surge in imports…

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"Projected slowdown unsecured loans FY24"

Projected Slowdown in Unsecured Retail Loans for FY24: Economic Implications

Anticipated Deceleration in Growth for Unsecured Retail Loans in FY24 The fiscal year 2024 is projected to witness a noticeable deceleration in the growth of unsecured retail loans. This forecasted decline comes as a significant concern within the financial sector, primarily due to various economic factors influencing consumer behavior and lending practices. Experts in the…

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"FDI contraction India FY24"

FDI Contraction in India: Impact, Historical Trends, and Policy Evaluation

Foreign Direct Investment in India Witnesses a 24% Contraction in H1 FY24 Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India faced a notable downturn during the first half of Fiscal Year 2024, marking a 24% contraction. This significant decline in FDI inflows has raised concerns and garnered attention among policymakers, economists, and stakeholders. The downturn in FDI…

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"EPFO non-refundable withdrawals"

EPFO Non-Refundable Withdrawals: Impact on Government Exam Preparation

“Over a Third of EPFO Members Opted for Non-Refundable Withdrawals Amid COVID” The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted various aspects of life, including financial stability. According to recent data from the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), it has been revealed that over a third of its members have chosen non-refundable withdrawals. This decision reflects the…

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India GDP milestone

India’s $4 Trillion GDP Milestone: Impact on Government Exam Preparations

India’s GDP Surpasses $4 Trillion Mark: A Historic Milestone India’s economic landscape has recently witnessed a monumental feat as its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has surged past the $4 trillion mark, marking a significant milestone in the country’s financial journey. This accomplishment has generated waves of optimism and speculation among economists, policymakers, and aspirants preparing…

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"Rural urban inflation disparity"

Rural Urban Inflation Disparity: Impact on Policy & Governance

Rural Retail Inflation Outpaces Urban Counterpart The disparity between rural and urban retail inflation has been a persistent trend, with rural areas consistently surpassing urban counterparts for 18 out of the last 22 months. This divergence, often influenced by various socioeconomic factors, showcases distinct price dynamics and consumption patterns. Rural India has been experiencing an…

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"India rice export ban"

India Extends Rice Export Ban Through 2024: Impact on Global Markets

India Set to Extend Rice Export Bans Through 2024, Impacting Global Prices India, one of the largest rice-producing countries globally, is poised to extend its ban on non-basmati rice exports until 2024. This decision, expected to have substantial repercussions on global rice markets, comes as a strategy to ensure food security and stabilize domestic prices….

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"Indian e-commerce exports forecast"

DGFT Forecasts $200 Billion Indian E-commerce Exports in 6-7 Years

DGFT Forecasts Explosive Growth in Indian E-commerce Exports, Aiming for $200 Billion in 6-7 Years The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has recently projected a monumental surge in India’s e-commerce exports, setting an ambitious target of reaching $200 billion within the next 6-7 years. This revelation comes as a testament to the expanding landscape…

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"India's export growth 2023"

India’s Export Growth 2023: Key Drivers from Netherlands, UK, and Australia

Positive Trends in India’s Exports During April-October 2023: Netherlands, UK, and Australia are Key Drivers India’s export sector has exhibited remarkable growth during the period from April to October 2023, showcasing encouraging trends and significant advancements. The country’s export performance, particularly in key markets like the Netherlands, UK, and Australia, has emerged as a substantial…

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"India economy growth 2027"

India on Track to Become Third-Largest Economy by 2027 – Key Insights for Government Exam Preparation

India on Track to Become the World’s Third-Largest Economy by 2027 India, under the astute fiscal policies and strategic economic maneuvers, is poised to claim a significant global position. According to recent statements by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, India is projected to ascend to the coveted spot of the world’s third-largest economy by 2027. This…

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