Subrahmanya Dhareshwar,

Yakshagana Exponent Subrahmanya Dhareshwar Passes Away: Tribute to a Cultural Icon

Yakshagana Exponent Subrahmanya Dhareshwar Passes Away In a saddening development, Yakshagana maestro Subrahmanya Dhareshwar bid farewell to the mortal world on April 24, 2024. His demise marks the end of an era in the realm of Yakshagana, leaving behind a legacy that enriched and preserved this traditional art form for generations. Why this News is…

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"Bengaluru Kambala races"

Bengaluru Hosts Kambala Races: Embracing Karnataka’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Bengaluru Hosts Kambala Races Bengaluru, known for its technological prowess, recently witnessed a vibrant cultural extravaganza as it hosted the traditional Kambala races. This ancient and adrenaline-pumping sport originating from coastal Karnataka has gained widespread attention not just for its sheer thrill but also for its cultural significance. As the city embraced the fervor of…

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