"Putin G20 meeting importance"

Putin’s Participation in G20 Meeting: Impact on Global Diplomacy and Exams

Putin to Participate in Virtual G20 Meeting on November 22″ Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to participate in the upcoming virtual G20 meeting scheduled for November 22. This significant event holds immense relevance not just in the realm of global politics but also for aspirants preparing for various government examinations, including civil services, banking,…

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"Modi Biden bilateral meeting"

Modi Biden Bilateral Meeting: India-U.S. Relations Impact G20 Summit

“Modi and Biden Hold Bilateral Meeting in Delhi Ahead of G20 Summit” In a significant development on the global stage, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Joe Biden recently engaged in a bilateral meeting in Delhi, setting the stage for discussions on various crucial issues ahead of the G20 Summit. This article will provide…

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G20 India Mobile App

G20 India Mobile App: Enhancing Visitor Experience at the G20 Summit

Indian Government Launches G20 India Mobile App for Visitors In a significant move to enhance the experience of visitors attending the G20 Summit, the Indian government has recently launched the “G20 India Mobile App.” This innovative application is designed to provide comprehensive information and assistance to delegates, tourists, and participants during the event. In this…

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"G20 Summit 2023"

G20 Summit 2023: Key Takeaways, Significance, and Impact on Government Exams

G20 Summit 2023: Global Leaders Gather to Address Key Issues The G20 Summit is an annual gathering of world leaders from the most economically powerful nations, and it serves as a platform to discuss and find solutions to some of the most pressing global issues. The 2023 G20 Summit, hosted by India, promises to be…

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"World's Tallest Nataraja Statue"

World’s Tallest Nataraja Statue at G20 Summit Venue: India’s Cultural Diplomacy Triumph

World’s Tallest Nataraja Statue Installed at G20 Summit Venue The recently installed Nataraja statue at the G20 Summit venue has not only captured the attention of art enthusiasts but has also become a symbol of India’s cultural richness and diplomatic prominence. Standing tall as the world’s tallest Nataraja statue, this magnificent sculpture is more than…

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"B20 Presidency Handover"

India Hands Over B20 Presidency to Brazil for G20 Summit 2024

India Officially Hands Over B20 Presidency to Brazil to Host G20 Summit in 2024 In a significant development in the realm of international diplomacy, India has formally handed over the presidency of the B20 (Business 20) to Brazil, setting the stage for Brazil to host the prestigious G20 Summit in 2024. This transition of leadership…

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G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting: Key Takeaways and Exam Preparation Guide

G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting in Gujarat The G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors recently gathered in Gujarat for a crucial meeting. This high-profile event brought together financial leaders from the world’s most influential economies to discuss global economic challenges, policy coordination, and strategies for sustainable growth. In this article, we…

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