"Bengaluru Kambala races"

Bengaluru Hosts Kambala Races: Embracing Karnataka’s Rich Cultural Heritage

Bengaluru Hosts Kambala Races Bengaluru, known for its technological prowess, recently witnessed a vibrant cultural extravaganza as it hosted the traditional Kambala races. This ancient and adrenaline-pumping sport originating from coastal Karnataka has gained widespread attention not just for its sheer thrill but also for its cultural significance. As the city embraced the fervor of…

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"Namma Kambala Bengaluru event"

Namma Kambala Event in Bengaluru: Karnataka’s Traditional Sporting Spectacle

Bengaluru Set to Host “Namma Kambala” on November 25 and 26 Bengaluru, known for its vibrant culture and diverse events, is gearing up to host “Namma Kambala” on November 25 and 26. The much-celebrated traditional sport of Karnataka, Kambala, enthralls participants and spectators alike with its blend of athleticism, tradition, and cultural richness. This forthcoming…

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"World Coffee Conference Bengaluru"

World Coffee Conference Bengaluru: Key Takeaways for Government Exams | International Coffee Organization

India to Host World Coffee Conference in Bengaluru from Sept 25 India is set to take the global stage as it prepares to host the much-awaited “World Coffee Conference” in Bengaluru from September 25th. The conference, organized by the International Coffee Organization (ICO), will bring together coffee producers, traders, enthusiasts, and policymakers from across the…

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