"Rural urban inflation disparity"

Rural Urban Inflation Disparity: Impact on Policy & Governance

Rural Retail Inflation Outpaces Urban Counterpart The disparity between rural and urban retail inflation has been a persistent trend, with rural areas consistently surpassing urban counterparts for 18 out of the last 22 months. This divergence, often influenced by various socioeconomic factors, showcases distinct price dynamics and consumption patterns. Rural India has been experiencing an…

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CII President

R. Dinesh Appointed as CII President for 2023-24

R. Dinesh Appointed as CII President for 2023-24 R. Dinesh, a prominent business leader, has been appointed as the President of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for the term 2023-24. This significant development in the corporate sector holds great importance for students preparing for government exams, including those aspiring for positions such as teachers,…

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