SBI General Insurance initiative

SBI General Unveils Surety Bond Bima for Infrastructure Projects: Boosting Investor Confidence and Promoting Sustainable Development

SBI General Unveils Surety Bond Bima for Infrastructure Projects In a strategic move to bolster the infrastructure sector, SBI General has introduced the Surety Bond Bima, aimed at providing financial security for infrastructure projects. This initiative comes at a crucial juncture, aligning with the government’s push for infrastructural development across the nation. The recent announcement…

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HDFC Life’s “No Jhanjhat” Life Insurance Fatafat Campaign: Simplifying Insurance Purchase Experience

Revolutionizing Insurance Purchase Experience: HDFC Life Introduces “No Jhanjhat” Life Insurance Fatafat Campaign In a bid to simplify the insurance purchasing process and make it hassle-free for customers, HDFC Life has launched its innovative “No Jhanjhat” Life Insurance Fatafat Campaign. This initiative aims to revolutionize the way people perceive and obtain life insurance, especially in…

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Bandhan Life Insurance rebranding

Bandhan Life Insurance Unveils New Identity and Growth Strategy: Innovating in the Insurance Sector

Bandhan Life Insurance Unveils New Identity and Growth Strategy Bandhan Life Insurance recently revealed its revamped identity and growth strategy, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey. This move comes as part of the company’s strategic expansion plans and commitment to enhancing its offerings in the insurance sector. With a fresh identity and a…

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ICICI Lombard Policybazaar partnership

ICICI Lombard Policybazaar Partnership: Expanding Insurance Distribution

ICICI Lombard Partners with Policybazaar to Expand Insurance Distribution In a strategic move aimed at widening its reach and accessibility, ICICI Lombard General Insurance has forged a partnership with Policybazaar, a leading online insurance aggregator. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the insurance sector, as it combines ICICI Lombard’s extensive expertise with Policybazaar’s digital…

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Axis Bank Max Life Insurance acquisition

CCI Approval: Axis Bank’s Stake Acquisition in Max Life Insurance

CCI Approval for Axis Bank’s Stake Acquisition in Max Life Insurance In a significant development for the banking and insurance sectors, the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has granted approval to Axis Bank’s proposal to acquire a stake in Max Life Insurance Company Limited. This move marks a strategic collaboration between two major players in…

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India insurance sector FDI

FDI in India’s Insurance Sector: Rs 54,000 Crore Inflow Sparks Growth

Insurance Sector Attracts Massive Rs 54,000 Crore FDI in 9 Years The insurance sector in India has witnessed a significant influx of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), totaling a staggering Rs 54,000 crore over the span of nine years. This surge in FDI underscores the growing confidence of foreign investors in the Indian insurance market. As…

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"Bima Vistaar insurance debut"

Bima Vistaar: Innovative All-in-One Insurance Product Debuting in Q1 FY25

Innovative All-in-One Insurance Product ‘Bima Vistaar’ to Debut in Q1 FY25 In the ever-evolving landscape of financial products, the insurance sector is set to witness a groundbreaking introduction in the form of ‘Bima Vistaar,’ an all-encompassing insurance offering slated for its debut in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2025. This innovative product is…

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LIC public shareholding compliance

LIC Extension Till 2032: IRDAI’s Deadline Impact on Public Shareholding Compliance

LIC Granted Extension Till 2032 to Achieve 25% Public Shareholding The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has recently granted an extension to Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) to reach the mandated 25% public shareholding target. This move extends the timeline for LIC’s compliance with the regulatory requirement from the earlier deadline…

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"Rajiv Anand Max Life Insurance"

Rajiv Anand Appointed Chairman of Max Life Insurance: Impact on Insurance Sector and Government Exam Preparation

Max Life Insurance Appoints Rajiv Anand as Chairman Max Life Insurance has recently made a significant announcement, appointing Rajiv Anand as its Chairman. This strategic move within the insurance sector has garnered attention and sparked discussions within the financial domain. Anand, with his extensive expertise and proven track record, is set to play a pivotal…

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"LIC 2022 Insurance Report"

LIC Ranks Fourth Globally in S&P Global’s 2022 Insurance Report:

LIC Ranks Fourth Globally in S&P Global’s 2022 Insurance Report LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) of India has made a remarkable achievement by securing the fourth position globally in S&P Global’s 2022 Insurance Report. This significant recognition highlights the prowess and stability of LIC in the international insurance landscape. The report, issued by S&P Global, a…

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