"Putin G20 meeting importance"

Putin’s Participation in G20 Meeting: Impact on Global Diplomacy and Exams

Putin to Participate in Virtual G20 Meeting on November 22″ Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to participate in the upcoming virtual G20 meeting scheduled for November 22. This significant event holds immense relevance not just in the realm of global politics but also for aspirants preparing for various government examinations, including civil services, banking,…

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"World's Tallest Nataraja Statue"

World’s Tallest Nataraja Statue at G20 Summit Venue: India’s Cultural Diplomacy Triumph

World’s Tallest Nataraja Statue Installed at G20 Summit Venue The recently installed Nataraja statue at the G20 Summit venue has not only captured the attention of art enthusiasts but has also become a symbol of India’s cultural richness and diplomatic prominence. Standing tall as the world’s tallest Nataraja statue, this magnificent sculpture is more than…

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Bastille Day parade importance

PM Modi as Guest of Honour: Bastille Day Parade, India-France Relations, Defense Cooperation

PM Modi to Be Guest of Honour for French Military Parade In recent news, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been invited to be the guest of honour for the French military parade. This prestigious event, known as the Bastille Day parade, commemorates the historic French Revolution and showcases the country’s military might. The invitation extended…

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