Indigenous defense production significance

Indigenous Defense Production: Deals Worth Rs 802 Crore Significance | Make in India

Boosting Indigenous Defence Production: Centre Inks Two Crucial Deals Worth Rs 802 Crore The Indian government has recently taken strides in enhancing indigenous defense production by securing two significant contracts valued at Rs 802 crore. This commendable move underscores the nation’s commitment to bolstering self-reliance in defense manufacturing. The Defense Ministry inked these crucial deals…

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"Indian Coast Guard C-295 aircraft"

Indian Coast Guard & Navy Procure 15 C-295 Aircraft for Maritime Surveillance

Indian Coast Guard and Navy to Acquire 15 C-295 Aircraft for Maritime Surveillance The Indian Coast Guard and Navy have announced their procurement of 15 C-295 aircraft, a significant step toward enhancing maritime surveillance capabilities. This collaborative decision aims to bolster coastal security and reinforce naval operational capacities. The induction of these aircraft signifies a…

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"DAC approval aircraft carrier"

India’s Defense: Aircraft Carrier and LCA Mk1A Jets Proposal Approval by DAC

India’s Defense Proposals for Aircraft Carrier, LCA Mk1A Jets Lined Up for Approval by DAC In a significant development in India’s defense sector, multiple proposals for the acquisition of an aircraft carrier and the indigenous Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Mk1A jets are set to be reviewed and approved by the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC). These…

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Defense Acquisition Council news

Defense Acquisition Council Approves Rs 45,000 Crore Proposals: Su-30MKI Procurement – Latest News for Government Exam Aspirants

DAC Approves Proposals Worth Rs 45,000 Crore, Including Procurement of 12 Su-30MKIs In a significant development, the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) has recently approved several proposals amounting to a staggering Rs 45,000 crore. Among these proposals is the procurement of 12 Su-30MKI aircraft, a move that holds great importance for aspirants preparing for various government…

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India Airbus C295

India’s Milestone: First Airbus C295 Aircraft Boosts Defense Modernization

India Gets Its First Airbus C295 Aircraft In a significant development for India’s defense capabilities, the country recently welcomed its first Airbus C295 aircraft. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in India’s journey towards modernizing its defense forces. The introduction of the Airbus C295 aircraft holds immense strategic importance, especially in the context of national…

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