Bangalore Community Cat Sterilization

Murty Trust Maitri Initiative: Elevating Animal Welfare in Bangalore

Murty Trust’s Maitri Initiative Elevates Animal Welfare in Bangalore: A Milestone in Community Cat Sterilization In a monumental stride toward animal welfare, Murty Trust’s Maitri initiative has revolutionized the landscape of community cat sterilization in Bangalore. This groundbreaking endeavor marks a significant milestone, underscoring the importance of responsible animal care and population control measures. The…

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"Importance of International Volunteer Day"

Significance of International Volunteer Day for Global Volunteerism – IVD Celebrations 2023

International Volunteer Day 2023 Celebrated on 5th December International Volunteer Day (IVD) is observed globally on 5th December each year. This day recognizes the dedication and contributions of volunteers worldwide, acknowledging their efforts in making a positive impact on society. IVD aims to promote volunteerism’s essential role in achieving sustainable development goals and fostering a…

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Climate-Resilient School

Reckitt Launches First Dettol Climate-Resilient School in Uttarakhand

Reckitt Launches First Dettol Climate-Resilient School in Uttarakhand Reckitt, a leading consumer health and hygiene company, has taken a significant step towards sustainable education by launching the first Dettol Climate-Resilient School in Uttarakhand. This pioneering initiative aims to create an environment that fosters learning while addressing the challenges posed by climate change. The school will…

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International Museum Day

International Museum Day: Significance, Heritage Preservation, and Sustainable Development

International Museum Day 2023 Observed on 18th May Introduction: International Museum Day is celebrated annually on May 18th to raise awareness about the importance of museums in cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures, and development of mutual understanding, cooperation, and peace among peoples. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the role of museums as institutions that…

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