Arunachal Pradesh horned frog

Arunachal Pradesh Discovers New Horned Frog Species: Megophrys arunachalensis

Arunachal Pradesh Yields New Species of Horned Frog Introduction In a remarkable discovery, scientists have identified a new species of horned frog in Arunachal Pradesh, India. This significant find not only adds to the biodiversity of the region but also highlights the rich ecological diversity of Arunachal Pradesh. Discovery and Identification The new species, named…

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Dong village Arunachal Pradesh

Dong Village: The First Place in India to Witness Sunrise

Dong: The First Village in India to Witness the Sunrise Introduction to Dong Village Dong village, located in the Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh, has gained the distinction of being the first place in India to witness the sunrise. This picturesque village is nestled amidst the serene mountains of the easternmost part of India, bordering…

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Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu

Pema Khandu Sworn in for Third Term as Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister

Pema Khandu Sworn in for Third Term as Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister Pema Khandu, the incumbent Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, has been sworn in for his third consecutive term after securing a decisive victory in the recently concluded state assembly elections. The oath-taking ceremony took place at the Raj Bhavan in Itanagar, the capital…

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Special Tiger Protection Force NTCA collaboration

Arunachal Pradesh and NTCA Collaborate to Form Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF)

A Partnership for Conservation: Arunachal Pradesh and NTCA Join Hands to Form Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) In a significant development for wildlife conservation, Arunachal Pradesh has collaborated with the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) to establish a Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF). This initiative aims to address the pressing need for safeguarding the rich…

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Har Ghar Jal success story

Arunachal Pradesh’s ‘Har Ghar Jal’ Success: A Guide for Government Exam Aspirants

Arunachal Pradesh Achieves Full ‘Har Ghar Jal’ Saturation – First in Northeast Arunachal Pradesh, a state nestled in the scenic landscapes of Northeast India, has achieved a remarkable feat by attaining full ‘Har Ghar Jal’ saturation, marking a significant milestone in water accessibility. This accomplishment is especially noteworthy in the context of government exams for…

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"Pakke Paga Hornbill Festival Nyishi Tribe"

Pakke Paga Hornbill Festival: Celebrating Nyishi Tribe’s Cultural Heritage in Arunachal Pradesh

nveiling Arunachal Pradesh’s Pakke Paga Hornbill Festival and the Nyishi Tribe A land of diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes, Arunachal Pradesh is a treasure trove of traditions. Among its many jewels is the Pakke Paga Hornbill Festival, a celebration that brings to light the rich cultural tapestry of the state, particularly showcasing the vibrant heritage…

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"ARSRLM SBI collaboration"

ARSRLM Signs MoU with SBI for SHG Banking Services in Arunachal Pradesh

ARSRLM Signs MoU with SBI for SHG Banking Services The Arunachal State Rural Livelihoods Mission (ARSRLM) recently inked a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the State Bank of India (SBI), paving the way for enhancing banking services to Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in the region. This collaboration marks a crucial step towards bolstering financial inclusion…

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"Special Tiger Protection Force"

Arunachal Cabinet Approves Special Tiger Protection Force – Key Takeaways & FAQs

Arunachal Cabinet Approves Formation of Special Tiger Protection Force for 3 Tiger Reserves The Arunachal Pradesh cabinet recently gave its nod to the formation of a Special Tiger Protection Force (STPF) dedicated to the conservation and safeguarding of tigers in the state. This significant development aims to protect the dwindling tiger population in the region…

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"Arunachal Pradesh Yak Churpi GI tag"

Yak Churpi Receives GI Tag: Boosting Arunachal Pradesh’s Heritage

Arunachal Pradesh’s Yak Churpi Receives GI Tag Arunachal Pradesh’s Yak Churpi, a unique and traditional dairy product, has recently received the Geographical Indication (GI) tag. This recognition not only highlights the rich cultural heritage of Arunachal Pradesh but also has significant implications for the local economy and yak herders. In this article, we will explore…

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RBI Expands Presence in North East India

RBI Expands Presence in North East India with Sub-Office in Kohima, Plans Office in Itanagar

RBI Expands Presence in North East India with Sub-Office in Kohima, Plans Office in Itanagar RBI Expands Presence in North East India | The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has taken a significant step towards strengthening its presence in North East India by establishing a sub-office in Kohima, Nagaland. This move comes as part of…

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