SRM University hosts 3rd international conference on antimicrobial resistance

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SRM University hosts 3rd international conference on antimicrobial resistance

SRM University hosts 3rd international conference on antimicrobial resistance

SRM University: SRM University Sonepat hosted the third international conference on ‘Antimicrobial resistance, novel drug discovery and vaccine development: Challenges and opportunities’ at the Habitat Centre in Delhi. The conference was attended by around 400 delegates from India and abroad from March 18 to 20.

The meeting was initiated by Haryana lead representative Bandaru Dattatreya. Agents from eight nations, including the UK, the USA, Israel, South Africa, Canada, Singapore, and France. The honorable visitor was the 2009 Nobel laureate, Ada Yonath from Israel. Senior scientists like GP Talwar, Greg Basarab, Tom Blunden, Catrin Moore, and others also attended the conference. They conveyed entire talks and made sense of different parts of antimicrobial opposition.

More youthful researchers introduced their papers and banners in isolated meetings. Senior authorities and bad habit chancellors of driving colleges in India (like BHU) additionally conveyed entire talks. The conference was attended by NGOs working for AMR, including toxics link. The college likewise welcomed industrialists like Ashok Rattan, Raj Kumar Halder, Ruhvenile and others.

According to a speaker, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) occurs when microorganisms evolve resistance to the medications that are used to treat infections they cause, making these medications less effective or ineffective. AMR emerges from hereditary changes and abuse of antimicrobial prescriptions. It represents a huge worldwide wellbeing danger, prompting illnesses that are hard to treat, to expanded death rates, and higher medical services costs,” the speakers said.

A comprehensive strategy is required to combat AMR, which necessitates collaboration among stakeholders and sectors of the healthcare industry, prudent antimicrobial use, surveillance, and research into new treatments.

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