Madrasas under Waqf Board in Uttarakhand to introduce NCERT curriculum

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Madrasas under Waqf Board in Uttarakhand to introduce NCERT curriculum

Madrasas under Waqf Board in Uttarakhand to introduce NCERT curriculum

Madrasas Under Waqf Board of Uttarakhand introduce NCERT Class The Waqf Board of Uttarakhand has decided to introduce the NCERT curriculum in 103 madrasas operating statewide. The board also opens the madrasas to children of all beliefs.

The plan will be implemented in the future as part of efforts to modernize madrasah education. Various smart classrooms are also in the pipeline. Shadab Shams, chief executive of Waqf, said madrasah scholars are always considered inferior when it comes to education. Our top priority is to mainstream scholars in madrasas. For this reason, we plan to roll out his NCERT syllabus at each institution from future academic sessions. We will also try to attract the CBSE or the Uttarakhand State Board Association to the Madrasah in the coming period,” Schein said. Waqf Commission – created by the state to handle the Waqf package, also planning to introduce intelligent classrooms and uniforms in madrasahs. The board also plans to hire an instructor to teach her NCERT classes at the facility beginning with kindergarten positions. “We will ensure that the NCERT syllabus is taught up to grade 12 in the 103 madrasas currently under the WaqfBoard. It will be repeated,” Herr said.

The board uses its own finances from the religious groups under it to hire teachers and modernize classrooms. Religious instruction in medreses under the Waqf Board is followed by general lessons in all subjects during the first hour of the academy, ie until 7:30 am. First, the plan will be introduced as Birdman’s design in his seven madrasas. “Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dami and Minister of Social Welfare Minority Affairs Chandan Ram Dasu have pledged all support, including finance. We will also reach out to the Muslim community in order to do so,” said Shams, who said he plans to hold the next academic session at the madrassah from April after the CBSE pattern has been launched.

The Council also decided to increase the period of Hafiz Qur’an teachings in the Madrasah from 4 to 10 times.

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