IIT Madras launches Jal Dhan Campaign to conserve water

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IIT Madras launches Jal Dhan Campaign to conserve water

IIT Madras launches Jal Dhan Campaign to conserve water

Jal Dhan Campaign: The Indian Institute of Technology Madras has launched the Jal Dhan Campaign in the campus today, September 15. The campaign was launched in the presence of Ashwini Kumar Choubey, Minister of State, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

The National Level Water Conclave 2023, which focused on sustainable agriculture with a focus on millet, water conservation, and rainwater harvesting in industrial sectors, served as the occasion for the launch of the campaign.

Reviewing the trademark of ‘One drop, One Yield’, Ashwini Kumar Choubey said,”It is critical to moderate water for what’s in store. The Public authority is additionally attempting to revive 75 water bodies in each area of the country. The minister commended IIT Madras for its impressive flora and fauna.

The Jal Dhan Undertaking is expected to save water and around 475 non-legislative associations are dealing with this drive the nation over.

V Kamakoti, Chief, IIT Madras said , “We will cover different parts like mindfulness and Virtual water idea where we will discuss how businesses can preserve and reuse water. Till now, we take care of 12 States as a feature of this venture. “

We are currently experiencing extreme variations in terms of severe drought or severe flooding as a result of climatic conditions, and there is also an imminent need to preserve this priceless gift from nature. This meeting is to sharpen us all to the changing climatic circumstances on the planet. Our little drops make a sea, she added.

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