IIT Kanpur, Navy to collaborate for joint research, development

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IIT Kanpur, Navy to collaborate for joint research, development

IIT Kanpur, Navy to collaborate for joint research, development

IIT Kanpur: The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) an agreement with the Indian Navy for promoting technology development, innovative solutions and joint research and development.

The agreement was endorsed by Back Naval commander K Srinivas, aide head of materiel (dockyard and refits) and IIT Kanpur chief S Ganesh at the Maritime Base camp, New Delhi.

The organization said both the Naval force and IIT Kanpur share normal interest in scholarly trade of logical examination exercises in the field of designing connected with safeguard advancements. Through the exchange of faculty and guest lectures, the agreement will serve as a broader framework that will enable both parties to improve training effectiveness, provide solutions to issues at the field level, and enhance capacity building.

Teams from IIT Kanpur’s Centre of Excellence (Marine Engineering) and INS Shivaji Lonavla’s Centre of Excellence (Marine Engineering) will be involved in joint research and development projects under the partnership.

In order to create a setting that is conducive to innovation and knowledge exchange, this strategic alignment represents a step forward in strengthening the collaborative relationship that exists between academia and the armed forces.

S Ganesh said, “This cooperation fills in as a demonstration of IIT Kanpur’s commitment to propelling information, encouraging vital organizations, and adding to the country’s protection capacities through intellectual and mechanical ability. As a head establishment known for its state of the art research and mechanical progressions, IIT Kanpur can carry its skill to address certifiable difficulties looked by the Indian Naval force.”

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