IIT Jodhpur, AIIMS Jodhpur develop novel medical technologies

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IIT Jodhpur, AIIMS Jodhpur develop novel medical technologies

IIT Jodhpur, AIIMS Jodhpur develop novel medical technologies

IIT Jodhpur: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur and All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS Jodhpur) have developed prototypes of various medical technologies. These devices have been developed by students, fellows and faculty members studying in joint medtech programme.

Students from engineering, medicine, nursing, bioengineering, and related fields can enroll in joint medical technologies programs offered by IIT Jodhpur and AIIMS Jodhpur. New syringe designs, digitally designed maxillofacial prosthetics, a device to fix a nasal septal defect without surgery, 3D cell models for precision oncology, non-animal disease models for drug/formulation testing, and nanosensor technologies for early disease diagnosis are some of the startups and technologies that emerged from the joint MedTech program.

Identify, invent, and implement are the three phases that students in the joint programs go through. The students receive biodesign fellowships, “Prayas” grants, and startup seed support in the final phase of implementation to establish small businesses. The two organizations haven’t just made a biological system of advancement yet have additionally boosted advancement of changing over profound tech examination into items and innovations.

IIT Jodhpur chief Santanu Chaudhary said, “Indian patients get clinical advances that were made for the created world and are presently adjusted for nearby requirements. Because it is unable to meet the diverse requirements of Indian patients, this approach to introducing novel medical technologies in India needs to be significantly improved. This collaboration is a step in that direction toward providing Indian-specific solutions.

He added that the first-of-its-kind joint degree program offered by AIIMS Jodhpur and IIT Jodhpur enables students to identify requirements based on real-world issues and develop deep-tech solutions.

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