IIT Guwahati develops low-cost, effective materials to trace chemicals

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IIT Guwahati develops low-cost, effective materials to trace chemicals

IIT Guwahati develops low-cost, effective materials to trace chemicals

The Indian Institute of Technology IIT Guwahati has developed a novel semiconductor that can be used with Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) to identify trace chemicals. The review can help in the advancement of SERS strategies that are less expensive than existing gadgets.

Professor PK Giri of the IIT Guwahati department of physics and center for nanotechnology was in charge of the IITG research study, which was published in the journal 2D Materials and Applications. Tadasha Jena, Tarik Hossain, Upasana Nath, Manabendra Sarma, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Minoru Fujii, and PK Giri co-authored the published paper.

The IIT Guwahati team created a palladium di-selenide (PdSe2) ultrathin 2D dendritic nanostructure and discovered that it has high SERS amplification properties, according to a press release. Chemical vapour deposition, or CVD, was used by the researchers to create these structures. The group utilized the semiconductor-based SERS strategy to recognize infinitesimal measures of a color name rhodamine-B stored and tried the gadget over numerous months.

These substrates were found to be more stable than metal-based ones because there was no evidence of deterioration. PK Giri, the lead researcher, stated, “The rationale for their research is as follows: The issue with utilizing respectable metal nanostructures is that they are expensive, have poor ecological dependability and unfortunate reproducibility of discovery. As an alternative to metal nanostructures,

researchers are looking into semiconductors, which are materials with electrical conduction properties between those of metals (conductors) and insulators. This is due to the fact that they are less expensive than noble metal SERS substrates, offer more options, and have better chemical stability. However, semiconductors have a much lower signal amplification than metal nanostructures.

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