Dhruva Space achievement

Dhruva Space’s Thybolt Satellites Complete 15,000 Orbits – A Milestone in Indian Space Technology

Dhruva Space’s Thybolt Satellites Complete 15,000 Orbits Dhruva Space’s Milestone Achievement Dhruva Space, an Indian private space technology company, recently celebrated a significant milestone as their Thybolt satellites completed 15,000 orbits around the Earth. This accomplishment is a testament to the reliability and efficiency of Dhruva Space’s satellite technology, marking a crucial step forward for…

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Chang’e-7 mission collaboration

Chang’e-7 Mission: Egypt and Bahrain Collaborate with China on Hyperspectral Camera Development

Egypt and Bahrain Join China in Chang’e-7 Mission to Build Hyperspectral Camera International Collaboration for Lunar Exploration Egypt and Bahrain have recently signed a cooperation agreement with China to develop scientific instruments for the Chang’e-7 mission, which aims to search for water ice at the Moon’s South Pole by 2026. This agreement, involving the Egyptian…

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Indo-French Trishna mission details

Indo-French Trishna Mission: ISRO Details, Objectives, and Significance

ISRO Provides Details on Indo-French Trishna Mission The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recently shed light on the Indo-French Trishna mission, a collaborative effort aimed at monitoring climate change. This joint venture between India and France is poised to bolster Earth observation capabilities, especially concerning water resources and related phenomena. The mission’s unveiling underscores the…

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South Korea national space agency

South Korea Establishes KASA to Lead Aerospace Innovations

South Korea Establishes National Space Agency, KASA Introduction to KASA South Korea has officially launched the Korea AeroSpace Administration (KASA) to spearhead its aerospace sector’s policy and industrial development. This milestone follows the passage of a special law by the national assembly in January, unifying various government entities involved in space policy and projects. Located…

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ISRO semi-cryogenic engine

ISRO Semi-Cryogenic Engine: Advancements in Indian Space Technology

ISRO Develops Semi-Cryogenic Engine Using Liquid Oxygen-Kerosene: A Leap in Indian Space Technology The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) recently made headlines by achieving a significant milestone in space propulsion technology. In a groundbreaking development, ISRO successfully developed a semi-cryogenic engine utilizing a combination of liquid oxygen and kerosene. This achievement marks a monumental leap…

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US-Japan collaboration space exploration

US-Japan Collaboration: Japanese Astronaut to Embark on Lunar Mission – Space News for Government Exams

US-Japan Collaboration: Japanese Astronaut to Embark on Lunar Mission In a groundbreaking announcement, the United States and Japan have revealed their joint endeavor to send a Japanese astronaut to the Moon. This ambitious project marks a significant milestone in space exploration, showcasing the power of international collaboration in pushing the boundaries of human achievement beyond…

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Chandrayaan-4 mission 2040

Chandrayaan-4 Mission 2040: ISRO Chief S. Somanath’s Plans Revealed

Chandrayaan-4: ISRO Chief Somanath Shares Plans for Next Moon Mission in 2040 India’s space exploration endeavors continue to captivate the world as ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) sets its sights on Chandrayaan-4, the next ambitious lunar mission slated for 2040. Under the leadership of ISRO Chief S. Somanath, the space agency is charting a course…

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India Brazil space collaboration

India Brazil Space Collaboration: SIAC ABRASAT MOU Drives Technological Advancements

Boosting India’s Space Sector: SIAC, India, and ABRASAT Sign MOU The space sector in India received a significant boost as the Space Industry Association of India (SIAC) collaborated with the Indian government and the Brazilian Association of Space Technology (ABRASAT) through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This collaboration aims to drive advancements in the space…

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Iran space program news

Iran’s Pars-1 Satellite Launch: Technological Advancements and Global Recognition

Iran Launches Pars-1 Satellite into Orbit from Russia Iran has achieved a significant milestone in space exploration with the successful launch of the Pars-1 satellite into orbit from Russia. This groundbreaking event holds particular relevance for aspirants preparing for various government exams, ranging from teaching positions to police officers, banking, railways, and civil service roles…

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NASA JAXA collaboration

Wooden Satellite Launch by NASA and JAXA: Innovations in Sustainable Space Technology for Government Exam

Exploring New Horizons: NASA and JAXA Set to Launch World’s First Wooden Satellite In a groundbreaking collaboration, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) are set to push the boundaries of space exploration by launching the world’s first wooden satellite. This innovative project reflects a significant leap in sustainable space…

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