"Global South Summit highlights"

Global South Summit Highlights: Collaborative Initiatives and Influence on Global Stage

“Highlights from the 2nd Voice of Global South Summit” The 2nd Voice of Global South Summit recently concluded, highlighting pivotal discussions and insights into emerging global trends. The summit served as a platform for representatives from various nations to deliberate on critical issues impacting the Global South. With a focus on fostering collaboration and addressing…

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G77-China Summit

G77-China Summit: Empowering Global South and Sustainable Development Goals

G77-China Summit Concludes with Emphasis on Empowering Global South The G77-China Summit, a significant diplomatic gathering of developing countries, recently concluded with a resounding emphasis on empowering the Global South. This summit, held annually, brings together 134 member states to discuss critical global issues, economic cooperation, and sustainable development. In this article, we will delve…

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BRICS Summit 2023

BRICS Summit 2023 Highlights: Significance for Government Exam Aspirants

BRICS Summit 2023 Highlights: Strengthening Global South Cooperation and Expansion Ambitions The 2023 BRICS Summit has brought together the leaders of five major emerging economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This annual gathering has significant implications not only for international diplomacy but also for aspirants preparing for government exams. Let’s delve into…

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