Phi 3 Mini AI

Microsoft’s Phi 3 Mini: Unlocking the Potential of AI Innovation

Unlocking the Potential of Phi 3 Mini: Microsoft’s Breakthrough in AI In a groundbreaking stride towards the future of artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft unveils its latest innovation – the Phi 3 Mini. This compact yet powerful AI model is poised to revolutionize various sectors, from healthcare to finance, with its advanced capabilities. Microsoft has long…

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"Global AI summit Indian startups"

Genrobotics: Kerala-based Startup Ranks Top 3 in Global AI Summit for Indian Startups

Kerala-based Startup Genrobotics Ranks Top 3 in Global AI Summit for Indian Startups The landscape of technological innovation in India witnessed a significant milestone as Kerala-based startup Genrobotics soared to the pinnacle, securing a position in the top three at the esteemed global AI summit for Indian startups. The groundbreaking achievements of Genrobotics not only…

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Global AI Summit India

Global AI Summit in India: Opportunities for Government Job Aspirants

India to Host First-Ever Global AI Summit in Oct to Boost Innovation India is set to make a significant mark on the global stage by hosting the first-ever Global Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit in October. This pioneering event aims to catapult the country into the forefront of AI innovation, and it holds immense relevance for…

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Wipro AI Excellence CoE

Wipro Launches Generative AI Center of Excellence at IIT Delhi

Wipro Launches Center of Excellence on Generative AI at IIT Delhi In a significant development for the field of artificial intelligence and technological innovation, Wipro, a renowned global IT services company, has inaugurated a Center of Excellence (CoE) focusing on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi. This collaborative…

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