computer literacy day theme 2022

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computer literacy day theme 2022

computer literacy day theme 2022

Today is World Computer Literacy Day in 2022; Know the Story, Understand the Importance In response to a study indicating that men make up the majority of computer users worldwide, an Indian company established World Computer Literacy Day in 2001.

Delhi, India:Every year, December 2 is World Computer Literacy Day. World Computer Literacy Day, which began in 2001, aims to close the digital divide by spreading computer literacy to the world’s most remote areas and, more specifically, to encourage children and women in India to use technological skills.

The National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) of India established World Computer Literacy Day in 2001 to commemorate the institute’s 20th anniversary.

NIIT Gathering and Pioneer behind NIIT College, Rajendra S Pawar said: “On December 2, 2001, World Computer Literacy Day was first observed on NIIT’s 20th Foundation Day. Individuals from Parliament were prepared on PCs within the sight of the then-Indian Top state leader Atal Bihari Vajpayee and a redid postal envelope to represent the spread of PC proficiency the nation over was likewise disclosed.”

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