Assam government sets dress code for teachers

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Assam government sets dress code for teachers

Assam government sets dress code for teachers

The Assam government department of school education has established dress codes for teachers at all of the state’s educational establishments. Male teachers are required to adhere to the new regulations and dress appropriately, avoiding casual attire such as jeans and a t-shirt. Women teachers are also prohibited from wearing casual clothing, including t-shirts, jeans, and leggings. All things considered, the female educators are supposed to wear salwar-suit, saree or mekhela-chador. In addition, it is expected of all teachers to dress in “clean, modest, decent clothes in sober colors.”

The authority notice expresses that the clothing regulation has been presented in light of the fact that “it has come to the notification of the undersigned that a few educators of instructive organizations are found prone to wear their preferred dress which in some cases doesn’t have all the earmarks of being OK by general society at large”. “While discharging their duties, it has become necessary to follow a dress code that should reflect a sense of decorum, decency, professionalism, and seriousness of purpose at the workplace,” the notice adds in reference to the teachers’ impact.

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