All 33 districts to have medical colleges in Rajasthan

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All 33 districts to have medical colleges in Rajasthan


Medical colleges in Rajasthan: All 33 districts in Rajasthan to have medical sodalities, CM Gehlot announces. Soon, Congress- ruled Rajasthan will have a medical council in each of its 33 sections, Gehlot said, adding industrialist Gautam Adani had recently announced plans to construct medical sodalities in two sections of the state. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday said the central and state governments have concentrated on the health sector and there has been a big increase in the number of seats in medical courses. The principal minister said the action to increase medical seats in sodalities across the country was taken by the Congress- led UPA government. “ Fortunately, the NDA government carried it forward. therefore, the number of( medical) sodalities in country is adding, ” he said. The principal minister was speaking during a meeting with the principals of medical sodalities and other officers of the state government. He also reviewed the performance of various schemes of the state government and delivery of health services in hospitals. “ Seats of MBBS, MD have increased. This is a kind of a revolution. Tell me, did we suppose 10 times ago that this kind of change would come? There used to be 50- 100 seats in medical sodalities, ” Gehlot said. “ moment, such a big jump( in number of medical seats) is there in the country. The attention of the central and state governments has gone towards the medical sector. he said. The star minister said the principals of medical sodalities bear the responsibility of icing quality education for scholars who would come croakers
He said the state government has introduced schemes like Chiranjeevi health insurance under which free treatment is handed to people in government hospitals. He reiterated his demand from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apply the scheme across the country. analogous enterprise furnishing social security to people during times of high inflation are demanded.

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