AICTE launches Distinguished Professional Scheme to engage industry experts in HEIs

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AICTE launches Distinguished Professional Scheme to engage industry experts in HEIs

AICTE launches Distinguished Professional Scheme to engage industry experts in HEIs

AICTE : The All India Council for Technical Education chairman TG Sitharam today inaugurated the AICTE Distinguished Professional Scheme (DPS) to assemble a pool of experts from industry, institutes, and research laboratories to engage highly-qualified professionals within their domains. The scheme is designed to enhance the employability of students, promote industry connections, foster research and innovation, support startups and entrepreneurship, and strengthen the Indian Knowledge System (IKS).

Candidates for DPS registration must have made “unparalleled” contributions to society in their technical or professional fields. They ought to be actively involved in research, the creation of new technologies, innovation, and bureaucracy. The plan lasts for three years or until the participant turns 75, whichever comes first. Experts chose under DPS will get an honorarium of Rs 15,000 for entire day communications with employees and understudies. They should lead two visits each month at HEIs, with a limit of 12 visits each year, including something like three visits to rustic establishments every year.

Throughout the course of the year, candidates are able to use the DPS portal to submit nominations and the necessary information. The proposal of AICTE-DPS stays substantial for the predetermined period referenced in the solicitation or greeting letter. On the AICTE-DPS portal, host institutes can submit requests for specific professionals from the approved panel. The institute is required to provide a report and participant feedback in the prescribed format following each visit. AICTE will issue a certificate of recognition for the activity once it is submitted.

TG Sitharam stated that this program will not only enhance students’ understanding of industry but also faculty members’ teaching capabilities, stressing the significance of professional interaction with faculty and students. He went on to say that this helps students overcome obstacles in the job market.

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