IIT Kanpur organises physics outreach lecture for school, college students

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IIT Kanpur organises physics outreach lecture for school, college students

IIT Kanpur organises physics outreach lecture for school, college students

IIT Kanpur: The Department of Physics at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK), organized a physics outreach lecture aimed to give knowledge about advanced physical concepts to students.

The drive, coordinated by the Physical science Effort Group, was led as a component of the Vidyanjali, a school volunteer program started by the Service of Instruction to work with the local area and volunteers to interface straightforwardly with the public authority and government-supported schools for sharing information.

The talk, named “Electron’s Twist: A New Way to Develop Efficient Devices” was graced by the presence of H C Verma, Padma Shri and former professor at IIT Kanpur, as well as faculty members from various departments at IIT Kanpur and Kendriya Vidyalaya. The talk was gone to by the understudies of IIT Kanpur’s KV, Shiksha Sopan and Kanpur College.

Tending to the debut address, teacher Harshawardhan Wanare, physical science division head, IIT Kanpur encouraged the going to understudies to develop a feeling of interest, effectively take part in addressing, and support a logical mentality.

The recognized speaker for the occasion, teacher Rohit Medwal, top of the opto-spintronics lab at IIT Kanpur, made sense of the idea of electron turn, a central property of electrons, and ways of using it to foster productive memory gadgets. He clarified the capability of the new field of spintronics in molding the fate of electronic gadgets.

With the assistance of the opto-spintronics team, Professor Medwal also led the students on a laboratory tour, demonstrating the cutting-edge spintronics research facilities.

The physical science outreach address drew in the understudies and educators as well as started interest among the understudies, persuading them to dig into the enthralling domains of physical science and logical examination.

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