Galgotias University organises discussion on ethical audit

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Galgotias University organises discussion on ethical audit

Galgotias University organises discussion on ethical audit

Galgotias University: Galgotias University hosted an event on ethical audit. Comptroller and auditor general GC Murmu, who was the chief guest on the occasion, spoke on the vital role of morality in shaping our actions and decisions. He also highlighted the role of education in fostering moral values.

Murmu pushed for the joining of morals into the educational program to impart a feeling of uprightness and obligation among understudies. He likewise gave experiences on the meaning of profound quality in an individual’s life and the basic requirement for moral lead in all circles.

GC Murmu underlined on the significance of being ethically and legitimately dependable in each part of life. He encouraged people to coordinate moral standards into their scholar and individual undertakings. He highlighted that profound quality is basic for self-awareness and cultural advancement, underlining its importance in both happy and testing times.

“We are extremely grateful for the success of the ‘ethical audit’ event and the valuable insights shared by GC Murmu,” stated Dhruv Galgotia, CEO of Galgotias University. We at Galgotias University are aware of the central role that morality plays in the development of both individuals and society. Through drives like the ‘moral review’, we expect to impart moral qualities and standards in our understudies, enabling them to lead with respectability and contribute decidedly to the world.”

Suneel Galgotia, chancellor of Galgotias University, presented GC Murmu with a memento in his honor. He said, “chasing greatness, morals turns into our directing light, enlightening our way as we explore the tremendous breadth of information and development. It isn’t simply about making progress, yet about how we accomplish it. True success is built on the foundation of integrity, which is intricately woven into our actions.”

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