Delhi High Court Directs Delhi Government To Ensure Admission To EWS Category Kids In Private Schools

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Delhi High Court Directs Delhi Government To Ensure Admission To EWS Category Kids In Private Schools

Delhi High Court Directs Delhi Government To Ensure Admission To EWS Category Kids In Private Schools

The Delhi High Court directed the city government on Friday to insure admission to children belonging to weaker sections of the society in private unaided schools, observing that it’s high time that the judiciary reaches out to people instead of staying for them to reach out it. It said these kiddies are being forced to knock on the doors of the court for availing their fundamental right to education.

The Delhi High Court said all the private unaided schools concerned shall ensure that no schools belonging to the” weaker sections” as defined in the Right To Education (RTE) Act and recommended by the Directorate of Education (DoE) for being admitted in an academic session shall be denied admission or treated with conduct that’s unwelcoming of them on any pretext whatsoever, including that of dubitation of credentials.

The High Court noted that this batch of petitions showed that the provisions of the RTE Act as well as the directives or circulars issued by the DoE are being violated and severely lynched in broad daylight. This is the status, where circulars in form of letters are changed between the State and the schools, while the poor children along with their parents, despite having followed the due procedure, are forced to move from pillar to post and are being humiliated at every step with the” only hope that on some fortunate day, Lady Luck will shower her blessings and these children will get admission in an academy”.

The High Court further said” These children have committed no other crime but that they were born in poverty. This court’s heart is laden with the straits of the poor children and their parents. The state of affairs is appalling, anguishing, and agonizing. It’s a travesty of justice and a maximum failure on the part of the State in its duties of a welfare state.”

The judge said it’s high time that the bar reaches the people and doesn’t stay for the people to reach out to it, as the poor kiddies are being forced in the moment set of petitions to knock on the doors of the court for serving their fundamental right to education.

The petitions were filed seeking admission of scholars belonging to the EWS order under section 2 (e) of the RTE Act in various private unaided schools at the abecedarian position. These scholars from the EWS order have been given letters by the Delhi government’s DoE, confirming their admission to the respective schools in the national capital under the scheme of the RTE Act.

These letters were issued pursuant to a draw of lots conducted by the DoE and the results were communicated to all the schools as well as the fortunate few children belonging to the EWS category who got selected by such a draw of lots. Despite the children possessing confirmed admission letters from the DoE, the schools refused to admit them

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