Top tourist places in Bekal Kerala India 

It is well-known for its beaches, backwaters, forts, and tourist attractions. Bekal is home to Kerala's largest fortress.

Ananthapura Temple

The only lake temple open to all visitors is Ananthapura Temple.

Chandragiri Fort

The 17th-century Chandragiri Fort is located in the Kasaragod District of Kerala, India. The fort is 46 metres above sea level and covers an area of about seven acres along the Payaswini River.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters

Valiyaparamba Backwaters is a major fishing destination in the region. This backwater stretch is one of the most beautiful in Kerala.

Nityanandashram Caves

The Nityanandashram Caves are a collection of 45 caves that house Swami Nityananda's panchaloha sculpture 

The Bekal Hole Aqua Park

The Bekal Hole Aqua Park is an adventure park that provides visitors with a variety of water rides.

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Kappil Beach

Kappil Beach, which covers an area of 25 acres, is located 6 kilometres from the Bekal Fort. 

Bekal Fort

Bekal Fort, built nearly 300 years ago, is one of Kerala's largest and best preserved forts. 

Bekal Beach

Bekal Fort Beach, which spans 35 acres, is regarded as one of the best-kept beaches in Kasargod.


Nileswaram is a cultural centre that houses the Department of Archeology's traditional knowledge centre.

Uroos Festival

Every three years, the Uroos festival is held in the Malik Dinar Mosque to commemorate the day of the Tabi'in's visit to Kerala.

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