IIT Madras holds event for disabled

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IIT Madras holds event for disabled

IIT Madras holds event for disabled

On Sunday, an event was held at the IIT Madras to educate people with disabilities about sports and games. Sports 4 All was held in conjunction with the annual December 3 International Day for Persons with Disabilities.

According to IIT Madras, the event drew 580 participants from across the nation, including 255 volunteers, members of the general public, and caregivers.

The goal was to emphasize sports, provide innovative assistive devices for sports and games, and introduce people with disabilities to sports and games.

“One of the fundamental objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 is inclusion. IIT Madras Director Professor V Kamakoti stated in a press release that “the lack of accessibility to innovative solutions leaves people with disabilities excluded and behind worldwide.

“He pointed out that inclusive gross motor activities and sports give people with disabilities the chance to participate in fitness activities that will help improve their physical and mental health.

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