Punjab Booth Raabta website

Punjab Booth Raabta Website: Enhancing Electoral Transparency and Voter Engagement

Innovative Election Initiative: Punjab Launches Booth Raabta Website In a significant move towards enhancing electoral transparency and voter engagement, Punjab has launched the “Booth Raabta” website ahead of the upcoming state assembly elections. This innovative election initiative aims to bridge the gap between voters and election authorities, facilitating seamless communication and exchange of information regarding…

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Mission 414 campaign Himachal Pradesh

Boost Voter Turnout: Mission 414 Campaign in Himachal Pradesh | Election Commission Initiative

Election Commission Launches “Mission 414” Campaign in Himachal Pradesh to Boost Voter Turnout In a bid to enhance voter participation and strengthen the democratic process, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has initiated the “Mission 414” campaign in Himachal Pradesh. The campaign, named after the state’s 68 assembly constituencies, aims to bolster voter turnout and…

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