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Defense Acquisition Council Approves Rs 45,000 Crore Proposals: Su-30MKI Procurement – Latest News for Government Exam Aspirants

Defense Acquisition Council news

Defense Acquisition Council news

DAC Approves Proposals Worth Rs 45,000 Crore, Including Procurement of 12 Su-30MKIs

In a significant development, the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) has recently approved several proposals amounting to a staggering Rs 45,000 crore. Among these proposals is the procurement of 12 Su-30MKI aircraft, a move that holds great importance for aspirants preparing for various government exams, including those aiming for positions in the defense sector. This article will delve into why this news is important, provide historical context, and highlight the key takeaways for candidates aspiring to serve the nation in roles such as police officers, defense personnel, and civil service positions.

Defense Acquisition Council news

Why this News is Important:

1. Strengthening India’s Defense Arsenal: The approval of proposals worth Rs 45,000 crore, with a significant portion allocated for the procurement of 12 Su-30MKI aircraft, underscores the Indian government’s commitment to enhancing its defense capabilities. For aspirants eyeing careers in defense and related services, this signals potential opportunities for modernization and expansion of the armed forces.

2. Geopolitical Significance: Given the geopolitical challenges India faces, it is imperative to bolster its military prowess. These acquisitions not only strengthen our national security but also send a clear message to adversaries about our preparedness. Aspirants aspiring for civil services and diplomatic roles must stay updated on such developments, as they play a vital role in shaping India’s foreign policy.

Historical Context:

To understand the significance of this DAC approval, it’s essential to consider the historical context. The Su-30MKI aircraft is a variant of the Sukhoi Su-30, a formidable fighter jet. India has been procuring and manufacturing Su-30MKIs for over two decades. These aircraft have been a backbone of the Indian Air Force (IAF), contributing significantly to its combat capabilities.

The Su-30MKIs have been continuously upgraded to meet modern warfare demands. These aircraft are versatile and can perform various roles, including air superiority, ground attack, and long-range strike missions. Their inclusion in the defense arsenal has been pivotal in maintaining a robust air defense posture.

Key Takeaways from this News:

Serial NumberKey Takeaway
1Defense Acquisition Council approves Rs 45,000 crore proposals.
2Procurement of 12 Su-30MKI aircraft to bolster India’s air power.
3Geopolitical significance in the context of national security.
4Su-30MKI aircraft’s historical role in strengthening the Indian Air Force.
5Relevance for aspirants aiming for government positions in defense and civil services.
Defense Acquisition Council news

Important FAQs for Students from this News

Q: What is the Defense Acquisition Council (DAC)?

A: The Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) is a high-level government body responsible for formulating defense procurement policies and granting approval for defense acquisitions in India.

Q: What is the significance of the Su-30MKI aircraft?

A: The Su-30MKI aircraft is a versatile fighter jet that plays a crucial role in India’s air defense capabilities. It can perform various missions, including air superiority and ground attack.

Q: How does this approval impact India’s national security?

A: The approval of proposals worth Rs 45,000 crore, including the procurement of Su-30MKI aircraft, strengthens India’s defense capabilities, enhancing national security in a geopolitically challenging environment.

Q: Are there any historical precedents for such acquisitions?

A: Yes, India has been procuring and upgrading Su-30MKI aircraft for over two decades. These aircraft have been pivotal in strengthening the Indian Air Force.

Q: Why is this news relevant to government exam aspirants?

A: Aspirants preparing for government exams, including civil services and defense positions, should stay informed about such developments as they are integral to understanding national security and defense policy.

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